Usage of Parking Meters

How to purchase a ticket

Payment by Cash

Insert coins first, bearing in mind that the machine accepts 25 pieces maximum. If more coins are inserted, all will be returned automatically.
On inserting the first coin, the machine shows the minimum fee to be paid as well as the maximum payable amount.
The parking time paid is continuously indicated on the screen. If more coins are inserted than the maximum payable amount, the machine automatically returns all of the coins.

Payment by Card

Insert card in the chip card reading slot first, pushing it firmly (but not violently) until it stops. The machine will read the card and show the amount available.
On inserting the first coin or the card, the machine shows the minimum fee to be paid as well as the maximum payable amount.
Every time you press the blue button, the machine charges the card the amount of 15 minutes parking, and the parking time paid is continuously indicated on the screen
When the desired parking time shows, press the green button to issue a ticket.
You can cancel the payment any time by turning the red button to the right. The machine will return all the coins inserted so far, or the parking card with its value unchanged.

The ticket machines turn on one hour before the paid parking period begins and turn off two hours after the period ends. Tickets purchased in these times are valid for the next paid period. If a ticket is purchased shortly before the end of the paid parking period, the validity of the ticket is prolonged to the next paid period. (E.g. a ticket purchased on Friday 5 PM for two hours’ time will be valid until Monday 9 AM.)

How to purchase a PCN ticket

ATTENTION! PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) fee to be paid by pre-paid parking card only. Too much coins are necessary to pay for PCN, and the temporary storage of the machine can accept only 25 coins, so is not possible.
Press the yellow button first, then insert the card into the machine. Bear in mind that pressing the blue button will charge the card the whole amount of the supplementary fee to be paid on the respective day at once. The supplementary fee notification and the supplementary ticket has to be posted, faxed or taken to our Customer Service Office, and we then close the issue.