Sinking Bollards

In order to ensure the security of the protected and closed areas of the district, Streets Department (Department of Streets) of Belváros-Lipótváros has been operating sinking bollards since the spring of 2010. (17 in the downtown area)
The task of these roadblocks is to prevent street space of unauthorized use and to mitigate and keep low the traffic in the affected areas.
According to the feedback of the district’s inhabitants, the sinking bollards are extremely successful; the traffic of the streets concerned has decreased radically.

  1. Aranykéz St. 4-6.
  2. Galamb St. 2.
  3. Gerlóczy St. 2.
  4. Zrínyi St. (Nádor u. 7-8)
  5. Zrínyi St (along side of the Danube)
  6. Zrínyi St. 1. (Széchenyi Square)
  7. Cukor St 1. Entrance
  8. Cukor St 7. - Exit
  9. Egyetem Square – Kecskeméti St. 1.
  10. Városház St. 1.
  11. Petőfi-Párizsi u.1.
  12. Szent István Square 12. or 9-11.
  13. Hercegprímás St. 1 – Entrance
  14. Hercegprímás St. - Exit (Szent István Square 1.)
  15. Semmelweis St. 1-3.

Functioning of the sinking bollards

The sinking bollards are indicated by clearly visible signs.
To cross the bollard it should be approached 1-2 meters up to the painted mark.
The position and movement of the bollard can be checked in the traffic mirror.
Passing through the bollard is only possible when it’s indicated by a green light.
The sign indicates green – free signal –only in case if the bollard forms a horizontal straight line with the road.
The red light (crossing is forbidden) signs in all cases that the bollard has moved away from the horizontal plane. It is forbidden to drive through, even if the driver doesn’t see the bollard.
To drive into the area protected by sinking bollards is allowed only for the drivers who are entitled and have permission for it.
It is forbidden to drive through the sinking bollards without permission, or after a vehicle that has passed through it earlier because it is dangerous Approaching the sinking bollards should always be performed following the above ones.
The sinking bollards are managed round the clock by the HQ. If you have any questions, you can report it directly to the HQ:
Telephone: +36 1 872-7593 or +36 1 872-7591,
Email address: