Issuing of a Residential Parking Permission

Residential parking, and parking- drive in permissions are valid until 31 January in the following year.

I. Conditions and procedure for issuing a permission:

The annual residential parking, and parking-drive in permission is not a subjective right, it can only be issued on request.

Residential parking, and parking-drive in permission can be given to a private person who:

In case of a vehicle obtained from an employer for exclusive use, a residential parking, and parking-drive in permission can be given to a private person who:

Applying for a permission can only be completing by, filling the application (without sign is not valid!) and declarations, attaching documents certifying the right imprimatur (copy of both sides of vehicle registration certificate, address card or copy of old type ID card), as well as a copy of confirmation of the payment of any pending parking fines.

II. Receiving the permission

By submitting the application personally (attaching the required documents), the permission is issued and given at our customer service.

Contact of customer service

1054 Budapest, Podmaniczky Frigyes tér 6.

(the square at Arany János utca metro station)

Opening hours:

Mo.,Tu.,Th.09.00 AM -4.30 PM
We.09.00 AM -5.30 PM
Fr.09.00 AM -3.30 PM

If you have any further questions regarding the issue of parking permissions, please consult the following contact details:

Email address:

Telephone numbers: 06 1/872-7593 1à4à1 menu; 06 1/872-7326

III. Cost of the permission

One residential parking, and parking-drive in permission can be given free of charge to a district inhabitant who is the keeper of the vehicle or the exclusive user of the vehicle owned by the employer. Based on the effective decree Nr. 30/2010. (VI. 4.) of Budapest Capital, one habitant can only require one residential parking, or parking-drive in permission for one vehicle!

The second permission per apartment is not free of charge! See below the table of payments for a second vehicle which depends on environmental classification (V9 in vehicle registration certificate):

The quarterly or annual fee can be paid (according to the table above) by check or by the Municipality's 11784009-15505006 bank account. A copy of the confirmation of the payment of the fee must be returned together with the request.

If the applicant loses his right for the permission or changes his vehicle during the year, it must be always reported at the same time as the sticker shall be returned. The permission will be deleted in our database.

In the case of a change of vehicle or license plate, a new permission must be applied for. The cost of the new permission is 2,000 HUF / sticker, which is to be paid to the Mayor's Office bank number 11784009-15735681.

IV. The validity area of the permission by V. district zone division:

Parking zone:

The area bounded by Jászai Mari Sq.-Szent István Blvd.-Nyugati Sq.-Bajcsy-Zsilinszky St.-Deák Ferenc Sq.-Károly Blvd.-Múzeum Blvd.-Kálvin Sq.-Vámház Blvd.-Fővám Sq.-Belgrád rakpart (dockside)-Eötvös Sq.-Széchenyi István Sq.-Széchenyi rakpart and a Pesti alsó rakpart (the section between the parking space situated on the northern side of Széchenyi Lánchíd (Chain Bridge) and Erzsébet Bridge, and the section between the parking space situated on the northern side of Széchenyi Lánchíd and Jászai Mari Sq.), except the bordering streets and squares and protected zones.

Protected zone

The area between Eötvös Sq.-Széchenyi István Sq.-József Attila St.-Erzsébet Sq.-Deák Ferenc Sq.-Károly Blvd.-Kossuth Lajos St.-Ferenciek Sq.-Szabad sajtó St.-Váci St.-Pesti Barnabás St.-Március 15. Sq.-Petőfi Sq.-Belgrád rakpart (dockside)

The streets of protected zone, where the residential parking-drive in permission is valid (blue sticker):

József nádor Sq.; Wekerle Sándor St.; Dorottya St.; Gerlóczy St.; Vitkovics Mihály St.; Semmelweis St.; Városház St.; Aranykéz St. 1-3.; Régi posta St.; Galamb St.; Kamermayer Károly Sq.; Vármegye St.

Protected zone around the building of St. István Basilica:

SSzent István Sq., Hercegprímás St. (József Attila St. és Szent István Sq. közötti szakasza) and the south side of Szent István Sq.

The streets of the protected zone around the building of St. István Basilica, where the residential parking, and parking-drive in permission is valid (yellow sticker):

Hercegprímás utca 1-7. (between József Attila St. and Szent István Sq.); Szent István Sq. 1-2. (The south side of the square)

The residential parking, and parking-drive in permissions are not valid in the streets owned by the capital of Budapest, parking fee must be paid in these streets.(Szent István Blvd., Nyugati Sq., Bajcsy-Zsilinszky St., Károly körút, Múzeum Blvd., Kálvin Sq., Vámház Blvd., Fővám Sq.)

Please note that parking permission does not exempt you from abiding by the Highway Code (KRESZ transport regulations)!

The sticker is only valid if it’s affixed to the front windshield!

The vehicle’s plate number is not displayed on the sticker. The sticker is made of a special material that will be damaged by removal after sticking, so the permission is no longer valid when it is repeatedly affixed. Therefore, please stick on it in the direction of travel on the right bottom side of the windshield, in a clearly visible way!

Please note that by signing the application statement, you make the following commitment:

"I undertake, if there is a change in the identity of the keeper of my parking permitted vehicle, or the vehicle is phased out of circulation or the license plate number is changed, or I change my place of residence, I will report it within 15 working days at the customer service office (the permission shall be returned at the same time)."